Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Steps = Small Victories

...but victories NONETHELESS!

We did it! We were able to go through the whole Week 1 track without quitting! *happy dance*

It was definitely still REALLY hard for me though, but I noticed that it wasn't as awful as it had been on Monday.  I couldn't catch my breath, and I didn't see bright lights flashing in front of my eyes, but it still didn't stop me from kind of wishing that I would get hit by a car so I could just stop running. *knock on wood*

Hopefully, I won't be such a lollygagger on Monday so I might be able to keep up with Tara more.  I know for sure she's slowing down her pace for me, but I really just can't bring myself to care - I'm not going any faster!

Friday will definitely be a challenge for me too - I'll be goin' it ALONE. So my first goal will be to make sure I actually GO and second is to make sure I do it ALL!  It'll be so easy to quit or be lazy if Tara's not around.  Worst of all, it has occurred to me that I can just hide out at Tim Horton's for an hour, splash water on my face and have the best run of my life...but then again, fooling everyone is only fooling myself.  I'll still be chubster.  So I've already told everyone that that idea occurred to me, so now I'll feel like I can't do that.  Hopefully.  Anywho, here's some pictures!

This is after the horrific run on Monday.  It's funny how I can pretend to be smiling when I really just want to succumb to the fact that I can't breath and follow the little black spots floating in front of my eyes into unconscious oblivion!

Woohoo! Day Two of the challenge and I'm smiling for real!  I'm standing awkward though because my shin splints were thinking it would rather have me collapse in a heap on the floor!  I guess we could also consider this one my before picture.  Well, even if I'm hyperventillating on the side of the road, at least I look the part.  I'm totally rocking that running back-pack, HRM watch and MP3 player!  Although, wearing black can't really make you look all THAT slimmer when you're really not all THAT slim, so we'll stick with this.  Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post an after picture!  I never got to last year since I quit. *LOL* 

And here's my MJ seal of approval salad! w00t!  Besides the dressing (which I did overestimate on), it is very healthy!  There's baby romaine lettuce, chick peas (*barf*), cucumbers, celery and a little shaved carrots and I put in some roasted chicken breast and deep fried onion.  Although to be fair about the deep fried part, I don't put that much at all - no one wants killer onion breath the whole day!

Anywho!  I made an excellent discovery that I'm ridiculously (if not so over) excited about!  I am a big fan of Google Maps for driving, but I had no idea that if you hit the walking button as the mode of transportation, you are able to go right on the map and draw out EXACTLY where you walk and it'll totally calculate the distance! I *LOVE* it!  Here, have a peek at our route!

It looks wonky because I blurred out all the street names and stuff - not really a big fan of adding an unwanted/unknown running buddy at this time.  Anywho, according to Google Maps, it's a total of 4.5 km and we are walking/running/walking it in 45 minutes (that is factoring in that on some of those days, we go into Tim Horton's) so if we kept straight at it, it would mean less time - but today I had to...big surprise...tinkle and it couldn't wait!

I totally made the mistake of wearing those underwears that promise to not move anywhere upwards so to speak, so that means it has like...this rubber lining the bottoms and it does NOT make for a quick washroom break when you're sweaty all over.  Rubber doesn't move so quick (or so pain-free) on sweaty skin, I have discovered. Just a little note to self there...

Another little discovery I've made today: celery only tastes good when there's peanut butter or Cheese Whiz in the canal or when heavily loaded with DIP.  Otherwise, celery should just not exist.

Off to finish the rest of the work day and then get some ice packs on my legs!!!

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