Monday, May 9, 2016

Snapshot Confessionals

It's basically pretty clear that when I disappear from here that it means I'm up to no good.  
Took a break from retirement celebrations to bake another co-worker a birthday cake.  Strawberries 'n' cream drip cake.

Tried out disc golf for the first time ever.  But not the last that's for sure!  May have already bought two sets for Bart and I.

Monday it was back to trying to find that track to get back on.  It started with a lunch run at a literal track.  

Finally got Bart to start doing some workouts with me.  Thumbs up for Max30's moderated track so he doesn't have to jump or stress his joints too much.

Track obstacle: McHappy Day.  Gotta show some support!

Iced coffees are my actual weakness.  Cryptonite in deliciously sweet, caffeinated form.  

Sleeping in and getting woken up for family selfies is totally worth rolling into work late for.

Also, dandelions are the most beautiful flower-looking weed ever when handed to me by that child.

Apparently, no one else on my team can go more than a week without playing.  Thursday pick-up game made me happy!

Dirt bike-turned ATV because I couldn't find dirt bikes anywhere birthday cake order done.  

Faceswaps in general are always pretty creepy.  But why are the ones with my face in them the worst?

Finally got to try an escape-room style game with two other couples.  Made it out with 18 minutes and 47 seconds to spare!

Mother's Day dinner

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First ultimate game in a new league.  We did not win.  

#pumpedupkicks #sexyaf
Totally cheated on my Skora running shoes.  They may become sister-wives because these are definitely going in rotation.

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